Cutting speed

The cutting speed refers to the speed at which a tool moves during grinding.
On a belt grinder, for example, it is the circumferential speed of the belt. On an angle grinder, it is the rotational speed of the grinding or cutting-off wheel. This is also referred to as the maximum operating speed.

The cutting speed during grinding is calculated based on the following formula:

Formel Schnittgeschwindigkeit

Vc = cutting speed [m/s]
D = tool diameter [mm]
n = rotational speed [1/min.]

The cutting speed, along with the feed speed have a decisive influence on the processing speed during machining and, thus, the output/production volume per unit of time and the achieved surface finish. As the temperature of the blade increases with the cutting speed, any increase in cutting speed also translates to an increase in tool wear and, therefore, a shorter service life. The selection of the optimum cutting speed during grinding depends primarily on the substance/material to be processed.

For safety reasons, applicable standards mandate that the maximum permissible cutting speed of rotating abrasive tools be equal to the maximum operating speed in most cases.

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