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Use the wire brushes by Klingspor for deburring, cleaning, and structuring

The wire brushes made by Klingspor are used for a wide variety of machining tasks in the steel and stainless steel sector. A key benefit a wire brush holds over abrasives is the fact that the brush only works on the surface of the workpiece without changing the shape of the workpiece to be processed. This benefit is of particular importance during work on ultra-thin sheet metal. The selection of wire brushes offered by Klingspor comprises a comprehensive range of products that are designed for the most diverse machining tasks, materials and machines.

Klingspor wire brushes are a particularly popular choice for the following types of application:

  • Cleaning of weld seams and surfaces (rust removal, descaling, and paint stripping)
  • Deburring of cutting edges
  • Structuring of surfaces (creating matt, satin or rough finishes)

Different versions for the perfect outcome

Wheel brushes are ideally suited for preparing and finishing weld seams, deburring and cleaning cutting edges, corners or angles; while bevel brushes are guaranteed to work with great precision even in areas that are difficult to access.

The cup-shaped brushes made by Klingspor are a particularly good choice for efficient rust, paint or weld spatter removal from large surfaces. You can also use cup-shaped brushes to target specific areas on your workpiece in preparation of paintwork.

Our end brushes are predominantly used for work on the insides of pipes, drill holes and indentations. In these types of application, the BPS 600 Z stands out with the excellent brushing performance it owes to its knotted wires, while the BPS 600 W proves to be ideal for finishing work and the removal of minor burrs in pipes and bore holes.

The selection of these products is rounded out by handheld brushes. Klingspor makes these handheld brushes available with both a wooden handle and with an ergonomically shaped plastic handle. What is more, customers can also opt for classic V-shaped scratch brushes and spark plug brushes, both of which are available with different bristle materials.